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Used Industrial Robots

We stock & refurbish a wide range of used robot palletising systems; these systems can help to reduce workforce and speed up production times. They achieve this by operating at constant speed & accuracy, with no breaks, sick days or holidays. Robots increase workplace safety as they can perform dangerous tasks that workers would otherwise be expected to do. 

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Used Bagging Equipment

Bag placers are used to place pre made bags onto a filling head. The bag placers we stock are built to handle different materials from a free flowing sugar to aggressive coals. The bag placer offers an alternative solution to Form fill and seal if customers require automatic packing.

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Used Conveyor Systems

We have many different used conveyors ranging from bulk handling conveyors to filled bag or box conveyors. We can manufacture new conveyor systems to suite your applications.

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Used Bulk Material Handling

Used Bulk material handling equipment can be used for the administration of dry materials such as ores, coal, cereals, wood chips, sand, gravel and stone in loose bulk form. 

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Used Form Fill Seal Machines

We stock a wide range of New Form, Fill & Seal, and Vacuum packaging systems to suit the Coal, Cement & Aggregate industries. Suitable to pack product such as Compost, Animal Feeds, Powder Products & Much More.

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Used Pallet Wrappers

Pallet wrappers offer an easy solution at the end of line, once a pallet has been built it can be conveyed and automatically wrapped & weather sealed using a pallet wrapper.

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Used Robot Gripper Heads

Robot Gripper Heads, also known as end effectors are devices at the end of the robot arm that are commonly used to pick up, transport, and place packaged objects.

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Used Heat Sealers & Stitching Heads

Heat sealers are used to seal packaging products, and other thermoplastic materials.While Stitching heads are used to stitch and seal material such as paper.

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Used Weighing Systems

Weiging Systems are essential to any Food & Product filling packing system, there are many different makes and models built to accommodate different materials. 

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Used Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are used in food & product packaging systems in order to detect any accidental metal in the packaged product. The detectors pick up 0.5mm ferrous or non ferrous metals. Metal detectors can increase product safety and therefore often decrease product insurance. 

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Used Case Erecting & Case Closing

Case erectors offer simple solutions for the forming of cardboard boxes so they are ready for packing. Once packed, Case Closers can quickly seal the boxes. We offer various erectors and closers to suit different box sizes.

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Used Label Printers & Applicators

Printers are commonly implemented at the end of the packaging sequence in order to print codes for the packaged product. Label applicators are then used to apply the label to the product. These systems offer a time effective & accurate solution over manual labour which can be inconsistent.

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Used Pallet Conveyors

Pallet Conveyors can be used for the transportation & dispersion of pallets in a packaging system. These systems can work simultaneously with robots to create fully automatic packing lines. 

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