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Our experienced team of sales technicians can quickly identify packaging needs and make sensible recommendations for supply of refurbished machinery that will adequately support production needs. Our technical team have experience that extends back to the early 1990's. Contact Us to discuss how we can help accommodate your packaging needs.

Site Survey

Following a specification our team of surveyors will be sent on site to check feasibility, dimensions & Health & Safety. It’s vital to check that the machinery will operate correctly & safely within the space available. Following the site survey auto cad drawings can be supplied, giving the customer a clear layout of the installation plans.

Design & Manufacure / Refurbishment

Following the Site Survey process our technical team of draftsmen & electricians can begin to design any additional machinery or modifications needed. With the latest in 3D Software, we can provide the customer with a clear indication of their proposed systems before manufacture. Once all designs receive the stamp of approval, we can commence then manufacture. 

Delivery & Installation

Following any design & manufacture. The product is delivered and is installed by a team of dedicated engineers. Our company boasts a team of 15 highly qualified engineers and 4 service engineers ensuring our customers have the highest level of support.


Here at ‘Used Packaging Machinery’, we take great pride in our after sales support. With forward thinking solutions we can remotely monitor the efficiency of your machine, as well as remotely source & fix any problems that may occur. This includes our latest product VNC this allows engineers to complete a full diagnostics of equipment from our office. This revolutionary technology can get the machine back to work very easily & quickly, eradicating the need for a call out with cost. 

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